Walter wins A World Rose Award

Exciting news!

Walter has also won another award for his passion and contribution for ‘Old World Roses’

He was presented with his World Rose Award at The Opening Ceremony of the World Federation of Rose Societies 15th Convention in Vancouver, BC Canada in June 2009

It was such an honour to be recognised by this world committee for his lifelong work and passion for roses.

Watch for the pictures!

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One thought on “Walter wins A World Rose Award”

  1. Dear Walter,

    I stumbled on your website directed from a US website.Just to say hello from Keith and I and to hope life is going well for you. I left lecturing at the Univ. of Western Sydney to take up writing full time – 17 of my own books published but also work as the horticultural consultant editor for Readers Digest Books and write for Murdoch Books.

    But I still help with propagation etc as much as possible. Keith still runs the nursery but is also now a notable horticultural photographer with masses of book credits here and overseas as well as magazines, journals etc.

    It’s lovely to catch up with you.

    Very best wishes,


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