Our Garden

The garden is our pride and joy.

We are Open again this year on Sunday 7th November. For tickets:


We have both put many hours into planning, planting and maintaining this beautiful space of ours. However Walter is the key ingredient to its success. He is the mainstay behind the whole place. It is Walter who watches the needs and seasons of the Heritage Garden and guides us all gently in its upkeep. We do have a part time Gardener, Bob McGilchrist, who helps in every way possible. We could not keep our garden to the standard that we would like without Bob. We do also have others help us, particularly at pruning time, quince picking time and when there are large maintenance jobs to do.

We love to share our garden with visitors, and if you would like to see our creation in the flesh, please phone to make a time mutually convenient. We strongly encourage visitors in the spring when the garden is at its best. Admission is $10 per person

Groups are welcome and morning or afternoon tea can be included for $5 extra. Bookings essential.