Ticketed entry only to Open Garden

Please buy an online ticket prior to visiting our garden.

With COVID restrictions we need to have strictly monitored numbers, so if you don’t have a ticket you wont be allowed in for this day only. Other days you are welcome to book by appointment.

We are sorry for the inconvenience…but as we all know, times are changing.

You can purchase your tickets here:


10 thoughts on “Ticketed entry only to Open Garden”

  1. Hello,
    Do you have a walking labyrinth on the grounds?

  2. Hi Carole
    Yes we do.
    It is not quite ready as we haven’t planted the grasses yet, but you are welcome to come and walk our labyrinth.
    You can enter via our new moon gate too

  3. Hi I’m not sure if this is the correct area to ask a question. I lived in Clare many years ago and am a member of the Waikerie Rotary Club, we do a trip each year that I help arrange and I suggested Clare this year. Many have travelled to the Valley before but I was a bit keen to show a few different aspects which I thought would be lovely to show off your garden but I was unsure if you would do a private tour or if you only do specific open garden days. Last year we had approx 60 people and we would be looking in October, just waiting to hear from the caravan park for dates. Kind regards, Kerry

  4. Hi Kerry
    More than happy to take a group booking in October
    Just let me know what dates you are looking at
    Kind regards

  5. Hello,
    We are coming for the Rose Convention in Oct/Nov, but due to my friend needing a walker/wheelchair we aren’t able to go on the coach with the group and are hiring a car instead. Is your cafe and gardens suitable for a walker/wheelchair? My friends health dictates which mode of transport she will be using. Are we able to come on the same day with your approval please? If not are you only open on Open Days as we are coming from Sydney?

    Kind regards

  6. Dear Joan
    Yes our garden is suitable for a walker, provided it is not too wet! and yes you are welcome to come on the same day as the group. would you be requiring morning tea and lunch also?
    You are welcome to come another day if that suits better too, but we would like to know. Look forward to meeting you, Kay

  7. Good morning Kay
    We met a couple of years ago when Walter gave us a special tour of your garden. We are planning to return on Sunday, 5th November for the Open Garden an wondered do we have to buy our tickets on line or are we able to pay when we arrive. We’re bringing another couple with us who have not visited the garden yet.
    Kind regards
    Heather Klose

  8. Hello Heather
    This year we are just taking payment at the gate.
    Look forward to seeing you here again
    Kind regards

  9. Am I correct that the garden is open from Mon. Nov6 to Sun Nov 12 for self guided visits?
    Do we have to book or just arrive?

    Thanks for your help

  10. Yes Keryl.
    No need to book. Just pop in the McCord Lane gate.
    $10 admission.

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