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Dear Kay and Walter Hi, we had an early start Monday morning so sorry we missed saying goodbye, I just loved the restored cottage, an absolutely splendid job, how proud you must be of it and all the other buildings and garden, shame I missed it in bloom however I will have to make an effort to get over there for the Open day November 8th, especially since it is your last All the treats were delightful, I didn’t mind having no TV, we laughed our selves silly over the “Some Mothers Have Em” series, most of the movies a bit chick flick for partner but we did watch Out of Africa which I have only seen once before, and cried. We did a lot of talking and I even got my partner helping with crossword puzzles by the end of the stay, actually some jigsaw puzzles might be a nice edition. Loved the little kitten, see attached photo if it worked, we were missing our cats. Have not stopped raving about it to all who will listen, Hubby says don’t get any ideas about renovating (for a B and B ) the 2 br weatherboard cottage we have been living in for the last 10 years, in the process of having new house built on the site of the main house that was destroyed in the Wangary bushfire back in 2005. Our brood of grandchildren has got too many for the small cottage. He rolls his eyes now when I talk about having groups come to the garden and having afternoon teas etc Being a working farm we do worry about the insurance legalities with these types of things, still no panic, garden is at least another 2 years away from being show piece material. Hope we weren’t too extravagant with the wood, we should have brought our own especially as we have it on farm free, you probably have to pay for yours. Probably the only thing I would suggest would be a wardrobe with drawers and a mirror in the bedroom, otherwise could NOT fault facilities at all. And would you believe it is colder back here at Koppio, hope you weren’t affected by the heavy rains they talked about one the news So hope to get back for another stay in the future Thankyou, thankyou Karen and Trevor Fiegert Koppio

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