Summer at the Heritage Garden

sit awhile by the well head and grape hyacinths in the gravels garden

the choock house

R. mutabalis on the back entrance

Walk through the Heritage Garden and relax under shady trees.

Summer is a difficult time for us. There is the constant watering and the constant monitoring of the garden to keep it as good as possible. It is tiring and then there is often the threat of fires, so we have to keep nearby and keep a close eye on the environment. But it is still rewarding. You cant beat a BBQ on our back verandah with our friend on a warm night. We really enjoy looking into the green space of our back yard and sharing it with those closest to us.

agapanthus at the front gate

a resting place in the gravel garden

a favourite place, the summer house

kiss me quick!

looking towards the statue in the quince orchard

peony poppy