Winter at the Heritage Garden

Keep the cold of winter away, rugged up in front of the cosy open fire or venture outside for beautiful scenes like these.

helebore flowers in winter

bare pruned roses on the wall of our house

daffodils under the birch trees in late winter

grape hyachinths under the claret ash

hardenbergia violacea under the gum trees.

winter sky over the summer house

winter blossom by the creek

winter creek flowing

blossom just emerging on the manchurian pearsIn the garden it is a dormant time for our plants. We get busy with pruning over 200 roses…………so the garden looks a mess for a month or two. When we finally clear away the prunings, we get a real sense of the bones of the garden. Many of our trees are deciduous, so the form becomes very visible and it has a charm all of its own. It is cold here in the Clare Valley in winter and we get lots of frosts because we are low down in a valley.

from the bridge on a winter morning

frost on the front lawn

winter bloom in the gravel garden